Parents and patients blog about Kinesio

Kinesio Taping is our passion, but we aren’t the only ones who get excited by Kinesio successes. A growing population of parent bloggers and activists posting stories and photographs recounting their successes with various therapies that involve Kinesio Taping.

Amy, who blogged at as teenager about her obstetric brachial plexus injury, is currently studying occupational therapy in college and works with the United Brachial Plexus Network. We couldn’t help but be impressed at her strength and honesty in sharing parts of her life at an age when identity is an issue for anyone.

Back in 2005, she posted pictures. “This is my application of Kinesio tape,” she wrote. “It has really helped to relax my upper traps and has eliminated about 99.5% of all the pain and numbness that I have had in my back.” The next entry read: “This is my second application of Kinesio tape. This has really helped to stretch my muscles and seems to have reduced my winging out to the side. With this application I have gained a lot in both passive and active ROM.”

Finally, the kicker. No tape was visible in the picture, but it didn’t need to be. “I did it!!! Finally!”  wrote Amy. “The very first time I have ever put my hair up into a high pony tail while standing up!!!  The best day since I learned to do my hair two years ago!!!”

With younger patients it is obviously the parents who do the blogging. Check out,, and just to name a few. These are some cute kids, and – with or without Kinesio Tape — some strong families.

At right: Jadon has just turned two, but his OT has been using Kinesio Taping with him since last fall.

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